Welovewarm “Heated Jackets” contain single temperature control button with light indicator. Hold the button for three seconds to active the heating system of jackets.
Once you are comfortably warm, you can turn the temperature down. The heat trap in the core layer due to waterproofing material, keep you warm for long and preserve your battery power too.

CONSUMERS: Welovewarm “Heated Jackets” not only restrain to domestic usage i.e, for outdoor workers such as construction workers and carpenters. This is designed for cold-weather sports and activities, such as motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, diving, biking, snowmobiling and trekking. Since the London Olympics, “Heated Jackets” has also been used by athletes to keep their muscles warm between the warm-up and the race.

WHY YOU NEED “HEATED JACKETS”: There are many general benefits of “heated jackets” and one of them is that you don’t have to layer up your clothes especially when you’re heading out to do some sports activities like skiing or snowboarding and you really need the extra movement. Normal insulation works by trapping body heat, so if it gets wet from sweat or rain, or if a person stops exercising, the insulation may not keep them warm. With heated garments, a person can keep warm even if they are resting and not producing heat, or if their coat is damp from sweat.


All our jackets are equipped with USB chargeable carbon fiber heating pads with three different heat settings.

0 °C
0 °C
0 °C


Five different heating zones. Battery lifetime subject to individual products. Support Hand/Machine/Dry wash. We know you will be impressed with our product and quality service, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. our heated jacket is waterproof and breathable to keep you warm anywhere such as enjoy snowmobile, motorcycle, climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, Fishing, Hunting or office routine and business try during fall and winter.


Outer layer:
Welovewarm “Heated Jackets” consist of material that is both water and wind resistant. The main advantage of this is to cut down the need of layers you need to wear underneath it.
Five heating Zones:
Welovewarm “heated jackets” feature five heating zones, two in front and three in back . Five Zone heating technology contains flexible carbon fiber heated material which works using strips heating elements, like wires, that are spaced across the heated areas of the jacket to provide warmth. The separate heating zones make it easier to target your cold spots and prevent you from overheating anywhere.